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STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H INSTRUMENTS
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-0133 THERMOMETER 0-100℃ TI-11
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-0690 PRESSOSTATE KPS 39 SETTING RANGE 10-35 BAR
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-0778 THERMOMETER 50-650℃ TI-61
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-0867 THERMOMETER POCKET FOR TI-61
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-0956 THERMOMETER 0-300℃ TI-30
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-1391 THERMOMETER 0-100℃ TI-01,TI-02,TI-10,TI-31
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-1952 THERMOMETER 0-100℃ TI-22
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2000 THERMOMETER 50-650℃ TI-60
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2199 THERMOMETER POCKET FOR TI-60
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2288 PRESSOSTATE KPS 43 SETTING RANGE 1-10 BAR
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2377 THERMOSTATE KPS 80 SETTING RANGE 70-120℃
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2466 LEVER SWITCH
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2555 DIFF.PRESSOSTATE CAS 155 SETTING RANGE 0.2-2.5 BAR
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2644 PRESSOSTATE KPS 35 SETTING RANGE 6-18 BAR
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2822 THERMOMETER 0-100℃ TI-02,TI-20
STX B&W L 23/30 31308-03H-2911 THERMOMETER 0-160℃ TI-40,TI-51

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